Maybe I'm an ARTIST, maybe I am not.... All I know, is that my best clothes, are covered in chocolate. MD


ALL our chocolate is produced inhouse from "Bean-to-bar"

This means we buy the cacaobeans from the origin countries, from the farmers, direct trade , without middlemen.

But more importantly, only the best quality beans, meaning the (for us)  best tasting beans are selected to end up in your favorite chocolate bar.

Try some of our origins and discover the difference between each bar , between what you thought chocolate was , and what is should really be .

Because ..
“An ARTIST gives people something they didn’t know they were missing.”

Daniel pink


For professionals we offer the opportunity to create their own chocolate. ..

*…your beans …or my beans 
*…in small batch (5kg)…or bigger batches (25kg)
*… in tablets .. or in blocks of 1 kg
*… vegan ? … or all in ?

We just want to say,  all possible options,

-for us to help you create YOUR chocolate- , are there. 


Just call us up, send us an e-mail, get in touch and let us know whats your fancy.


Why we're ARTIST

We all know chocolate and (most of us) love chocolate, like  a lot. 😉

Though most of the chocolate being made on large scale is..  well  a lot of the same. 

High roasting, big volumes, fast production, fast conching, etc. which is one way to do things,  though we don’t share thses ideas.

 We like to think we’re… well ,  like you.

We’re different, with an individual taste , other needs and demands, other wishes, etc . We , like you , are a bit special, might we say, a bit of an ARTIST ? 

So if you like to be a little different, challenge your taste, your idea of chocolate and what it can be ? I’m sure we have the chocolate for you!!

Just like you, ARTIST CHOCOLATE just tries to bring some color into an otherwise bland world.

Don’t just be the ARTIST, when you are the ART.