Artist Chocolate

Maybe I’m an ARTIST,
maybe I am not….

All I know,
is that my best clothes,
are covered in chocolate.

Private Events

Mathieu Dierinck (owner Artist Chocolate) is a pastry chef and chocolatier with over 15 years of experience in pastry and chocolate. 

Get in tough below to see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Special Orders

You have a special celebration (wedding (anniversary), birthday, etc. ) or an event of any kind and want to create an impact for your guests, a memory to cherish a little gift for them to take home or to enjoy on your event?
What better way to this than to say it with chocolate?

We offer personalized chocolate bars and packaging for your event. Just let us know how we can help create an everlasting memory for you and your guest by sending us a little email with all the information you think we need.

Training / Consultancy

Mathieu Dierinck (owner Artist Chocolate) is a pastry chef and chocolatier with over 15 years of experience in pastry and chocolate. 

With a focus on; …

  • Helping starting businesses, from choosing the right machines to organisation and recipes
  • Helping established pastry chefs and chocolatiers to perfect their craft
  • Creating recipes for some of the biggest names in the confectionary world and for the local specialist.

It’s easy to say that this is what we’re good at, but its more, we love this, and we believe in the evolution of the craft of pastry chef, chocolatier and chocolate maker.

This evolution is only possible through the sharing of knowledge, techniques and recipes.

To do this we’re offering:

  • To teach in schools and academies (worldwide)
  • Individual training sessions, one-on-one
  • Recipe creation, to extend shelf life and attract new customers and possibilities.
  • Co-Creation with local and international brands.


Get in touch below to see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Your Recipe

The amazing thing about being small batch is we can provide you with exactly what you want and need! Special and custom orders are part of what build our business to start with and it’s what we love to do, so if you have a special request, an event where you want YOUR chocolate, just ask us, and send a little mail to and we’ll get in touch to see all the possibilities.

About Artist Chocolate


Let’s start by saying the obvious for those who know us a bit…

We just have an insatiable hunger for good -dare I say great- , honest, well prepared food.

To be more precise “we have a unbelievable respect for the people behind the food , for…

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Well there is a lot to say about how chocolate is made in general, about the history, about who made it first, etc.

But that doesn’t tell the entire history.. in a few lines we’ll try to create an idea on how the evolution of chocolate production started and how we chose to do so, further along we’ll go to the processes happening BEFORE we get the beans in our production.

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Having read all the above, I’m sure you have an idea of what we do, but in essence, we’re a Micro-batch, craft / beantobar chocolate maker. But what does that all really mean.

For any of the words used there is no clear definition, so let me explain why we chose this wording.

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