Our Why

We believe in food, but more-so we believe in the people bringing others together through this act of cooking, making and sharing. They are the ARTISTs in our idea. Our name originates there.

Our name: Artist Chocolate

The understanding that so many people have to care so much about what they’re doing and what they believe in, what they feel is right, even when it’s “unconventional”, different and looked down- upon, that’s why we chose ARTIST as a name, as an homage to all of these amazing people.

The Chocolate Chain

Just like an ARTIST puts all his/ her energy in their craft, a lot of emotion and energy goes in to the cacao and craft chocolate business, by a lot of passionate people.

From the farmer actually providing the cacao to the shopkeeper selling you your favourite bar , and all the people in between.

ARTIST CHOCOLATE is a homage to them, Unknowingly creating art in their own special way.

Craft Chocolate

“Okay, sounds great, but I can just buy chocolate in the supermarket, it’s just another product right…”

Yes and no.

Sure you can buy chocolate in a lot of places, but as we said before craft chocolate is not about only the end product, but also about the people in between the tree and the final product. If you care about your food, where it comes from, discovering new and exciting flavours and travel a little when you think of the beautiful places that grow your food and Cacao… then there is no doubt that craft chocolate is something for you to try and love.

Chocolate is like Wine

We think you’ll realise that craft chocolate and industrial chocolate are worlds apart… a comparison like with wine: on one side your favourite wine bottle and on the other the 5l wine in a box.

Sure both are wine, where as one has been;

  • Crafted by a framer and his workers
  • Cared for
  • Stored in the right conditions
  • And only the greatest quality comes to your glass

The other is,
“ fermented grape juice”. All year round available *plain, basic tastes but still, both are wine. 

Since we believe in the people, the sharing, the communities served with and through food, we prefer that nice bottle of wine.

Why we started

A Craft Business

Artist chocolate started out of the realisation that unlike other craft businesses which grew to become industries this was never really the case for chocolate…

  • But why was this so?
  • Was it only possible on bigger industrial scale ?
  • Were there things I/ we didn’t know or see?

The main question was thus, “Who are the people behind the chocolate?” and the answer to that was bigger and more complex then we could have anticipated.


Making Cacao

It’s from the farmers starting a “nursery” for cacao trees to them and their families caring for these trees for 5 years before they have the first fruits, to people at fermentation and drying stations , carefully selecting the right protocols to maximise the flavour development, to drying just long enough so that the beans don’t go bad, to the cacao-sourcers looking for the best cacao’s from these communities , to the transport and the delivery to our production site.

That’s what it takes to get only the cacao… then we can start testing and roasting, peeling the beans, grinding the nibs , refining the chocolate and moulding the tablet to than wrap it and making it available to you…

The Goal

The goal in this for us is -next to creating great chocolate- to support the people helping us, making it a sustainable product, bringing chocolate to a level it hasn’t been before, making everybody aware that “it’s NOT just another product” but more , a lot more that that.

Namely a delicious, hand crafted, mouth-watering piece of art, brought to you by a mix of great ARTISTs to be enjoyed, shared and respected.

We can only hope you’ll help with this dream / idea ..


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Am Krekel 1, 35039 Marburg, Germany