How we make it

We all know chocolate and (most of us) love chocolate (allot) though most of the chocolate being made on large scale is a lot of the same.

High roasting, big volumes, fast production, long conching, etc. which is fine if you want to provide general chocolate to everybody on the planet, though we don’t share this belief, we
like to think we’re special. 

We believe in the taste of cacao, the effort farmers put in to their trees, in their pods and
beans. The effort they put in the way they ferment it, and to build on their ARTISTry.

We choose to roast on low temperatures, keeping the original flavor in the beans, to treat every bean different cause they are just … different, so this seems logically natural to us.

Letting the cacao speak for itself might mean it’s…. well…“not to everybody’s taste”, though we are sure it will always start a conversation and bring people together.

After all, that’s the way I started this Artist Chocolate. So I truly hope you’ll be one of the special people who will embrace this philosophy, and taste and share and … experience chocolate, the way we believe it’s meant to be enjoyed and hopefully loved.

Knowing a picture says more than a thousand words, have a look at the pictures below to see what and how we produce or/ and follow us on Instagram to see out updates 😉