I’m sure you have an idea of what we do, but in essence, we’re a
Micro- batch, craft /beantobar chocolate maker. But what does that all really mean?

For any of the words used there is no clear definition, so let me explain why we chose this wording.

MICRO BATCH; This is to make everybody understand we make small batches, meaning 25kg per batch, even though this seems like a huge amount for a lot of our fans, after reading the. “HOW?”

I’m sure you’ll understand that this takes a lot of time, love and effort. We do small batches to control the quality aspect to the maximum and to be able to carefully select our beans, get in contact with the true artists behind our cacao and to make time to get in touch with you, our customer.

Micro is in contrast to the huge amounts of chocolate some industries and makers create, were some do it well and others not so well due to their sheer size.

As you can read in the beginning of the HOW? Section, real handmade chocolate (non-industrial) chocolate was never really an option, or not really the case as far as we know. But that’s not the only reason. 


To not be mistaken for industrial made chocolate the word CRAFT chocolate says best what it entails, namely non-industrial, cared for, handmade, honest chocolate. The word bean to bar is a bit more difficult since even the industrial chocolate is made from beans and ends up in a bar somehow… so we prefer craft , as a word.

I know , the word says it all … somebody who makes chocolate, right ? well yeagh , but the contrast here lies in the fact that there are 2 big families at play here, namely
The first, chocolatiers, are more people melting down chocolate they bought, and making bonbons , tablets, etc. with that chocolate. So at no point do they make the chocolate themselves… this is done by …

cuttest kleur

A chocolate maker. Whereas the chocolatier doesn’t make chocolate the chocolate maker doesn’t focus on bonbons/ pralines/ etc. but more on the making of the actual chocolate, starting with the beans, till the chocolate tablets. In essence a CHOCOLATIER/ CHOCOLATE-MAKER in the same sentence is possible, but most of the time they’re just 2 different professions, asking for different skills , knowledge and equipment.

We stared out as CHOCOLATIERS, but our search for the why ,the where and the how
chocolate was made and invented, drove us to the CHOCOLATE-MAKING part of the story.

Though we’re still pretty damn great chocolatiers too I must say.

We believe in food, but more-so we believe in the people bringing others together through this act of cooking, making and sharing. They are the ARTISTs in our idea.

Our name originates there.

The understanding that so many people have to care so much about what they’re doing and what they believe in, what they feel is right, even when it’s “unconventional”, different and looked down- upon, that’s why we chose ARTIST as a name, as an homage to all of these amazing people.

Just like an ARTIST puts all his/ her energy in their craft , a lot of emotion and energy goes in to the cacao and craft chocolate business, by a lot of passionate people.

From the farmer actually providing the cacao to the shopkeeper selling you your favourite bar , and all the people in between.

ARTIST CHOCOLATE is a homage to them, Unknowingly creating art in their own special way.

“okay , sounds great, but I can just buy chocolate in the supermarket, it’s a just another product right…”

Yes and no.

Sure you can buy chocolate in a lot of places, but as we said before craft chocolate is not about only the end product, but also about the people in between the tree and the final product. If you care about your food, where it comes from, discovering new and exciting flavours and travel a little when you think of the beautiful places that grow your food and Cacao… then there is no doubt that craft chocolate is something for you to try and love.

We think you’ll realise that craft chocolate and industrial chocolate are worlds apart… a comparison like with wine: on one side your favourite wine bottle and on the other the 5l wine in a box.

Sure both are wine, where as one has been;

*crafted by a framer and his workers
*cared for
*stored in the right conditions
*and only the greatest quality comes to your glass

The other is,
* “ fermented grape juice” *all year round available *plain, basic tastes

but still, both are wine. 😉
Since we believe in the people, the sharing, the communities served with and through food, we prefer that nice bottle of wine.